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Your Congregation

With a vision to serve the North American Church, we provide a spiritual formation assessment to help you mobilize your people to live with a greater level of concern for their city. Our desire is to see your church advance in its mission to reach EVERYETHNE in your city or community.

This assessment will help you identify the areas in which your people need to grow and mature. It will help you discern how to best mobilize your people to grow deeper in their relationships with Christ, with the church body, and with the lost people in their community.

Your Community

“Who lives here?”
In order for any church to effectively reach their community with the gospel, this is the first question that must be answered. Through a combination of demographic research tools and analysis, the ABWE North America Advancement Team will create a Ministry Area Profile to help your church better understand the uniqueness of your local community, its peoples, cultures, and opportunities for bringing the good news to every man, woman, and child.

A Ministry Area Profile will provide a solid foundation for making informed decisions about future ministry. Area Profiles have been a reliable information source in the hands of well-over 45,000 church leaders and include color graphic summaries, smart report layouts, thematic color InfoMaps and an overall summary prepared by our team.

In addition to the Profile, the Advancement Team will pair you with a coach to guide you through the results of the Profile, providing you with the insights you need to mobilize the people under your care.

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