USA-Midwest & Central Canada (SK/MB)

Thad & Monique Bergmeier

Regional Director for USA-Midwest & Western Canada (SK/MB)
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Thad and Monique work primarily as the Regional Directors of USA-Midwest and Western Canada (MB & SK). Beyond working with their Midwest team, they work to connect with local churches and pastors, helping them increase the health and capacity of their church to reach EveryEthne in their circles of influence and multiply churches across North America. Thad also serves as the EveryEthne national Director of Church Advancement.

Chris & Kaitlin Brown

Chris and Kaitlin are church planters to Ferguson, Missouri. Both graduated from Bible College and are now serving in Ferguson. Through their efforts to reach the community they have been able to see many saved, baptized and discipled. In a place that some may see as hard to reach, God is working and you can have a part!

Ann Den Uyl

Ann has been a full-time missionary both overseas and stateside for many years. Using the languages, cultures, and experiences from countries she has been in, God is reaching into the lives of students at the University of Iowa and then thrusting them worldwide. Approximately 95% of international students at the University come from restricted or creative access countries. Further, the Lord is using Ann to touch some in African communities, as well as using her nursing skills to assist the International Healthcare Ministries through short-term free medical clinics which strengthen the hands of local churches in their communities and in church planting efforts. An investment in these ministries is an investment in the worldwide work of the Lord.

Cindy McFarland

After serving 17 years in Africa, God has brought Cindy to the States to a new ministry reaching refugees living in an area highly populated with immigrants. Cindy serves through teaching English as a Second Language, tutoring children, helping single moms raising children and just visiting them. These are means to develop relationships that lead to gospel conversations. As Cindy lives life among people from many different ethnicities, God has given her many opportunities to love them as Christ and share the hope of the gospel!

David Newell

Dave‘s past use of drugs, alcohol and criminal behavior led to his initial incarceration in 1999. After his release, God saved him and turned his life around, transforming him and giving him a heart for those struggling under the weight of addiction. Since then, God has done tremendous work in his life, giving him extensive ministry experience in the area of Addiction Recovery and Homeless Ministry. Currently, Dave is serving in the area of addiction recovery ministry in ABWE North America. Dave serves as the house manager of a long term residential program located in Winterset, Iowa. He also works with the local church, helping them to implement Gospel-Centered Recovery (GCR).