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Tools and training to help you engage in the mission of God.
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Empowering Leadership Assessment

The Empowering Leadership Assessment (ELA) is a 360-degree survey that helps pastors become more self-aware of how they are impacting those they are leading. This is not a personality test—it is a window into your leadership impact. The assessment covers six main areas of your leadership:

  • VISION – The ability to cast and release vision toward a preferred future.
  • EXPERIMENTATION – The willingness to take risks and learn from mistakes to get where you are going.
  • CAPACITY – The ability to clearly understand the limitation and potential of strengths and weaknesses.
  • STRATEGY – The ability to set goals that turns vision into an actionable plan.
  • TRAINING – The ability to teach and model the skills necessary to advance the mission.
  • PROGRESSION – The energy and motivation to make steady progress while advocating bold moves.
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Spiritual Formation Assessment

The Spiritual Formation Assessment (SFA) is an anonymous survey that helps establish a baseline of the spiritual health of a church body, focusing on six key spiritual formation areas of a person’s life:

  • RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD – How are your people walking with the Lord in their daily lives?
  • BIBLICAL COMMUNITY – How are your people living in relationship with each other?
  • REDEMPTIVE RELATIONSHIPS – How are your people engaged and having gospel conversations with unbelievers?
  • STEWARDSHIP OF LIFE – How are your people using their time, talents, and treasures for the Lord?
  • SPIRITUAL GIFTS – How are your people using their spiritual gifts?
  • PERSONAL DISCIPLESHIP – How are your people being discipled and replicating that relationship?
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Ministry Area Profile

The Ministry Area Profile (MAP) increases awareness of your community’s specific needs, opportunities, challenges, and diversity, which provides leadership with the ability to make informed decisions about ministry initiatives.

  • SOCIAL – Creates opportunities to learn how different people think and feel about social and moral issues in the world.
  • ECONOMIC – Displays the financial and educational status of those in your search area.
  • ETHNIC – Displays a cultural snapshot of the different people groups in relation to your search area.
  • SPIRITUAL – Identifies the Christian and non-Christian religious pulse of the search area, including opportunities that exist to reach those far from Jesus.
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Training and Events

M3 Bootcamp

Is your church on the path to multiplication? Have you thought about planting a church? Our EveryEthne team would love to partner with you to help you design a comprehensive plan that will enable you to plant a church. This 3-day retreat is designed to help you and your church team grow.

  • Refine your vision for how God wants to use your church in your community.
  • Strategize with other pastors on the subject of church planting.
  • Develop an individualized practical plan for sending out a church plant from your church.

M3 Conference

Thriving churches focus on reaching lost people, making disciples who make disciples, and developing leaders. Join us for a one-day conference to discover simple, biblical steps your church can take to get on a path to multiplication that will fully engage your congregation in the mission of God. We are confident you will leave with the clarity and resources you need to take your next step in becoming a multiplying church.

Registration Cost: $50
Time: 8:30am–4:30pm

Each person who registers will receive lunch, drinks, snacks, and a bundle of resources valued at more than $100 to help you take your next step.

October 24, 2024 - Emerald Isle, North Carolina
Fall 2024 & Spring 2025 Dates are being planned now. 
If you would like to host one, please contact us.

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Coming Soon!


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